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NYC Art Installation

With over 45 years of practice, we're dedicated to making sure that you are able get exactly what they need and deserve. 

Completed Projects

6 Hubert St., Tribeca, for Robert Couturier & Assoc.
38 W 87 St., UWS brownstone & other locations for August Black
1 Irving Plaza, staging for Brad Mohr of Nest Seekers
464 Greenwich St., Tribeca, townhouse for The Office of Thierry Despont Ltd
25 Central Part West, private residence for Kemble Interiors
Marea Restaurant , 240 Central Park So. for Alatamarea Group

Stoli Group USA, 135 E 57 St., Corporate Headquoters

385 W 12 St., VW, private residence for Kemble Interiors
1 Grace Square, UES private residence for Kemble Interiors

Bagatelle Restaurant, Meat Packing, for Kemble Interiors
7 Bond St., NOHO, private residence for Huniford

Lobby at 401 E 34 St., for MSA Interiors

450 E 52 St., Beekman, private residence for Huniford
200 E 66 St., UES staging for Kemble Interiors

Events * Exhibitions * Galleries * Homes  * Hotels * Lobbies * Offices * Private Collections *  Shows * Staging
               Insured and Licensed

ART Installation in the Lobby .............

Services Included:
Secure and Precise hanging of paintings, pictures, plates, posters, masks, tapestry, arrases, sculpture and   other art  as well as collectibles  &  rewards